Named after her greatest creations - children Jhemari and Micaiya - Self taught Graphic Designer and qualified Carpenter Miche Gunn initially created CaiyaMari to bring together all the artsy avenues in which she found herself involved with the intention of creating a legacy for her children that was meaningful and inspiring and taught them to be proud of their mixed heritage, individuality and achievements.


Initially employed in the education sector for over 10 years with a degree in Primary Education, Miche took the plunge and embarked on a major career change whilst on maternity leave with her second child Micaiya after her Ma's terminal cancer diagnosis caused her to reconfirm the importance of investing your energies into your loved ones and cooperatively living your best lives. With her Ma's support Miche retrained as a Carpenter and began offering her creative services beyond the part time basis she had previously undertaken.


With a creative background and qualifications in Interior Design, Digital Art, Typography, Woodcrafting and Repurposing the Preloved, Miche found that she was always drawn to styles with a ethnic quality due to her multicultural identity and influences. This mixed identity alongside wide ranging interests led her to combining ethnic and primitive art elements with contemporary styles such as Art Deco, Mid Century Modern and Geometrics throughout her work whether it be interiors, prints or woodcrafts.


Inevitably a style that merged contemporary ideas and modern techniques with natural primitive textures and letterforms was born and is apparent throughout most of her work.

Although a well rounded creative with a multitude if skills, her Main passion lies with the creation of esoteric lettering and typographic enigmas.


For all I am and all she helped me to be, a million accolades to my own creator, Much loved Mother and Friend Carole Gunn who encouraged me to strive for more