Caiyamari Inspired Designs is a small, family run company based just outside London in the UK  specialising in Afrocentric and Ethnographically inspired Arts and Crafts. 

 As a family of mixed heritage, multicultural influences and humanitarian values we've developed an ethos of respect for others and our natural environment, pride for culture and community and an avid interest in our origins and mankinds intertwining shared history.

With a hands on approach to life long learning and bettering our environments we've adapted our passion for making the best of what we have into providing creative services and handcrafted products for others.


Creating anything from prints and commissioned material to textile or wood based artifacts Caiyamari’s designs have long preceded its creation with its founder, Digital Artist and Carpenter Miche Gunn, creating, making and designing for almost two decades after a lifetime heavily influenced by the Creative pursuits of her father.


Named after her greastest creations - children Jhemari and Micaiya - CaiyaMari Designs has evolved into a multicultural design initiative with an ambition to provide inspired Arts, Crafts and Prints that promote Cultural Pride and Celebrate Humanity’s History, Evolution and Diversity. As a forever evolving Brand we are currently in the process of branching out to include a wider range of Hand Crafted and Bespoke Homewares, Accessories and Fashion items, and have many other exciting projects in the works.

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Creating, Sourcing, Supplying

Due to an interest in a diverse range of products and collaborations with affiliated Artisans and Creatives across many fields the company is currently experiencing  an expansion in product and is set to become a growing compilation of Artisan created prints and artifacts sourced from various locations and inspired by many more.

Our passion for creating and love of discovery means that we are enthusiastic about sharing our treasures so as well as selling we also supply a variety of our Artifacts, Curios and Accessories for hire to the Music and Media industries, as well as providing both long and short term Art Hire Licenses. Contact us via the form provided below for further info. 

Recently CaiyaMari has begun branching out to include a range of Afrocentric Apparel, Interior Design and Homeware items in collaboration with Redbubble.


In contrast Our Etsy stores stock Handcrafted, Artisan pieces that have been sourced or created by CaiyaMari’s Creatives and Affiliates. Alongside these can often be found a handpicked medley of discovered Curios, usually of unknown origin but typically adhering to or complimenting our ethnographic style.

Another soon to be available addition to the CaiyaMari product line is a range of handcrafted wood, resin and gemstone Ankh talismans and jewellery, These unique, one of a kind treasures will be both pre designed or custom made. The differing gemstone combinations encompass and encourage positive energies.. a nod to the uplifting spiritually connected nature of primitive cultures..



Our long term ambition is to work with creative individuals within the UK and abroad to create a range of ethically sourced, handcrafted, upcycled and/or recycled Arts, Crafts and Accessories. A percentage of our proceeds already go to humanitarian charities but we also aim to help fund independent groups throughout the UK, Caribbean and beyond.

We hope to train and encourage future Artisans, Creatives, Crafters and DIYers to embrace self sustainability. Working towards community development, intercommunity relationships and ethical jobs.

We aim to work directly with individuals and communities to build long term strategies towards a future that embraces autonomy and encourages creative vitality, purposeful creativity and collective/community art making that inspires and encourages collaboration and growth for a self sustainable, eco friendly, ethical future.



An avid believer in cultural vitality, CaiyaMari values the freedom of Creatives and Artisans to preserve their heritage and artistic license or to adapt them as they see fit. This unrestrictive flexibility enables the creation of unique, bespoke crafted pieces that embrace diversity and promote cultural pride for consumers and creators alike.

Encouraging the reuse or recycling of the preexisting encourages a future of sustainability with minimal impact on the environment.

Teaching individuals and communities how to be creatively autonomous has the potential to free them from society imposed shackles and allow them the freedom to govern their own futures in a manor appropriate to ther own ideals.

Livity, Unity, Community


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